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Rent,   Buy,   or   Lease   Cold   Air   Inflatable's   for   high   visibility,   high   impact   outdoor   advertising.   We carry   advertising   inflatable's,   advertising   blimps,   advertising   inflatable's,   air   blown   inflatable's, balloon   advertising,   big   balloons,   blimps,   cloudbusters,   cold   air   inflatable's,   cold-air   advertising balloons,   custom   inflatable's,   custom   shape   balloons,   dancing   balloons,   giant   balloons,   giant inflatable's,   grand   openings,   helium   advertising   balloons,   helium   advertising   blimps,   product replicas,   roof   mounted   advertising   inflatable,   rooftop   balloons,   seasonal   promotions,   trade   show balloons   and   much   much   more.   Please   do   not   hesitate   to   contact   us   with   ANY   questions   you might   have   regarding   your   advertising   campaign   or   promotion.   We   are   here   to   help   you   and   can share   our   experience   in   outdoor   high   visibility   advertising   and   help   you   drive   attention   to   your business and put yourself on the map in your neighborhood.
FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS What are inflatable's? Inflatable's   are   the   trade   or   industry   name   typically   given   to   large Advertising   Balloons   and   other   items   used   to   draw   attention   to   a   location   or   event.   The items   are   inflated   or   powered   by   a   cold   air   fan's)   and   are   often   in   the   shape   of   giant   hot   air   balloons,   characters   like   gorillas   and   dinosaurs,   objects   such as   giant   cell   phones,   etc.   Air   Dancers   -   the   air   powered   nylon   character   shaped   creations   that   dance   whip   around   -   are   also   sometimes   classified   as inflatable's. Why advertise with inflatable's?  You need to promote a special event, grand opening, sale, etc. Think about the advertising alternatives:   Radio.   How   many   radio   commercials   do   you   hear   while   driving.   How   many   radio   commercials   do   you   actually   LISTEN   TO   while   driving.   Driving   is   an activity   that   requires   intense   visual   sensitivity   and   concentration   -   vision   becomes   the   primary   sense   and   hearing   takes   on   the   secondary   role.   When drivers   are   concentrating   on   rush   hour   traffic,   radio   ads   can   become   lost   in   the   chatter. That   is   why   radio   ads   are   repeated   over   and   over   again   for   weeks at   a   time.   Also,   unless   you   hear   the   radio   ad   just   as   you   are   passing   by   the   place   of   business,   it   becomes   very   difficult   to   connect   the   event   with   the location.   Inflatable's   are   visually   striking.   It   is   impossible   NOT   to   notice   see   a   30ft.   Balloon   or   Gorilla   announcing   your   event.   With   the   Balloon,   potential customers see the advertisement at the location of the business or event. A visual connection is made and is much more likely to be remembered. Newspapers.   Newspapers   are   a   good   advertising   media   because   of   the   massive   distribution,   However,   newspapers   suffer   some   of   the   same   problems that   radio   ads   suffer.   The   mind   becomes   "trained"   to   ignore   advertisements,   there   is   no   connection   between   the   event   and   the   location,   and   it   is   easy   to forget once the paper is set down. Billboards.   When   advertising   on   a   billboard,   you   are   at   the   mercy   of   the   few   locations   where   billboards   are   placed.   An   Advertising   Inflatable   or Searchlight IS a giant billboard, ON LOCATION. Television.   I f   you   have   the   budget   to   advertise   on   the   major   networks,   during   the   time   slots   when   your   key   audience   is   watching   then   do   it   but   give   us a call and we can combine your outdoor campaign with your TV budget. Direct   Mail.   Direct   mail   can   offer   a   better   return   than   newspaper   advertising   because   it   is   much   more   targeted.   The   trick   is   in   getting   the   mailers   to   the demographic groups that are most likely to produce customers. Direct mail can become costly for widespread distribution. For   retail   applications,   most   business   results   from   people   that   live   or   work   nearby   and   regularly   pass   by   your   location.   Inflatable's   can   be   the   most effective   way   to   get   your   message   out   and   get   your   business   noticed   by   the   exact   group   of   potential   customers   that   will   account   for   the   majority   of   your business - without having to guess on the demographics. Permanent storefront signage. Most storefront signs are just not big enough or different enough to draw attention. Inflatable Advertising   Balloons   are   the   most   effective   way   to   visually   promote   your   business   or   event   -   on   your   location   -   to   the   target   group    of   potential customers   who   will   produce   most   of   your   revenue.   Now   consider   the   costs   associated   with   the   abovementioned   methods   of   advertising.   Inflatable Advertising Balloons can also be the most cost effective. Do I Lease, Buy or Rent? The   question   to   rent   or   buy   largely   comes   down   to   cost   and   how   much   you   plan   to   use   the   item.   Many   customers   prefer   to   purchase   a   custom   banner with   their   company   name,   logo,   and   message   and   rent   the   Advertising   Balloon   to   display   it   on.   The   banner   can   be   re-used   in   a   store   window,   as   a temporary    sign,    or    any    number    of    applications.    Banner    Balloon    Company    promotions    sells    and    rents    Inflatable   Advertising    Balloons,    signs,    and searchlights. We can help you determine whether renting or buying is right for you. How do I plan for a grand opening, open house or promotional event? Many   organizations   simply   want   an   inflatable   or   Searchlight   to   increase   visibility   and   traffic   to   their   location.   Other   organizations   plan   an   actual   event   like an Open house or Grand Opening. The following is a checklist of some of the things you will need to consider to plan a promotional event. What type of event is it? Open House, Grand Opening, Sale, etc. How long will the event run? Will the event be held primarily indoors or outdoors? Will the event primarily take place during daylight hours? night? both? Will you want to serve soft drinks? snacks? catering? Will you have any types of entertainment? games for the kids? How much room is available for the event? Do you have a firm budget? Is power available? Are you aware of any local restrictions on the use of inflatable's. Depending on the answers to the above questions you may want to consider: Type of primary advertising device. Inflatable Balloon? Inflatable Character? Searchlight? The appropriate size of the inflatable? The location of the inflatable. Ground? Roof? A tent(s). Chairs and Tables. Catering or Concessions. Costumed Characters. Children's moon jumps. A generator if power is not readily available. Permits Banners. Temporary signage. Direct mail / brochures / advertising pieces. Banner Balloon Company promotions will manage the entire process from planning to execution. Where can giant inflatable be displayed? This   really   depends   on   the   type   of   inflatable.   Inflatable   Advertising   Balloons   (including   hot   air   balloon   styles   and   character   styles)   can   be   displayed   on grassy   and   hard   surfaces   and   in   most   cases   on   roof   tops.   Searchlights   can   be   used   on   most   grassy   and   hard   surfaces.   Certain   searchlights,   such   as   the one   and   four   beam   models   that   run   off   standard   current,   can   be   mounted   on   rooftops   as   well.   With   the   exception   of   the   Blimps,   Inflatable's   and Searchlights need accessible electrical power (standard current). We can supply power generators where power is not available. Will I need a local permit? Depending   on   local   codes   and   the   municipality   in   which   your   business   resides,   you   may   need   a   permit.   In   most   cases,   Big   Sign   will   take   care   of   applying for and obtaining the permit, saving you the hassle and time required to do so.